Insights from real-time monitoring and identification of air quality issues can be shared with parents and staff to ease their worries and give them confidence that the school is a safe place for their children.

HawaQ offers schools and educational institutions a comprehensive set of solutions to mitigate airborne and environmental risks. The solutions suite provides an end-to-end layer of health and safety essential to the immediate reopening of schools and in-person learning.

Our control system is the key to continuously detecting and effectively remediating air quality issues.

We can allow schools to visualize the quality of the indoor air by monitoring, analyzing, and displaying key components that effect our health in every indoor space. Our visual tools can be displayed everywhere to assure transparency to students, employees, and faculty members.

Continuous monitoring allows you to see a detailed history of your indoor air quality, giving you insight to what may have caused a spike and when it occurred. Set up custom smart alerts to notify users when toxins and contaminate levels reach dangerous limits.

This is how we do it:

Site Audit and planning. HawaQ Team will inspect the site, review as built drawings, and collect the necessary information. Detailed plan for the contentious Indoor air quality monitoring shall be shared with the Clients.
We will identify the gaps in the indoor air quality and recommending solutions for improvements.
Eliminating the odors everywhere inside.
Monitoring. We will install the necessary number of the monitoring devices to begin immediately monitoring the quality of the indoor air. We will monitor Particulate Matters PM 2.5and PM10, Carbon Dioxide CO2, Total Volatile Organic Compounds TVOC, s , Temperature and Humidity. Carbon Dioxide CO2, Total Volatile Organic Compounds TVOC, s , Temperature and Humidity.
Quarterly reports on the status of the air quality with recommendations for improvements.
Indoor air and surface disinfection using various technologies.